Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Breakfast vs Brunch Recipes

What is brunch? It is a late morning meal eaten instead of BR-eakfast and l-UNCH.  Brunch recipes can be a combination of breakfast or brunch mixing sweet and savory.  

Breakfast is a meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day.  Breaking your fast from the night before.

Brunch before kids…

I still remember the mornings where I could roll out of bed at 10 am on the weekend, throw my hair in a ponytail and head to the latest brunch spot.  We would meet up with friends and have bottomless mimosa’s.  It was a luxury I took for granite! 

Mom’s we know the mornings are anything but leisurely these days. 

Brunch after kids…

I don’t know about you, but I am frequently woken up at 530 am by a little hand tapping me.  If I do not respond quick enough, I hear little voice saying “mom, mom, hey mom, mom I’m hungry, mom can we go downstairs, mom I’m hungry”.  Unlike the alarm clock this new alarm does not have a great snooze button. 

However, on a blissful occasion they will sleep in until 7 am.  It is a total luxury but we also know that we are fighting against the clock to get food in the kids before hanger begins to wheel its ugly head.  

We do not have time to go out to eat, getting the kids dressed, buckled into the car seats (ugh), driving to the restaurant, waiting to be sat, waiting for the food, the whining, maybe some tears, could be some yelling.  Let’s face it that isn’t going to be enjoyable for you or the kids, someone will have a melt down before breakfast is served.

So we brunch at home now. Here are some of our favorite breakfast and brunch recipes! 

Here you will find a collection of our favorite recipes for brunch and breakfast.  They are all scalable to cook for one or for entertaining.