The Journey of Motherhood


The journey to motherhood for each woman is different.  They say being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding thing you can do.  In our society today, particularity with social media, it is easy to make it look like other mom’s have this whole parenting thing figured out. 

It is not always pretty, frankly with toddlers it is often messy (literally and figuratively).  We need to support each other and create a network where it is okay to ask for help or say, hey this is hard!

I am not the best at asking for help but I love to read and research.  Anytime I face a problem with the kiddos I read, whether that is google, reading parenting magazines or buying books you name it! 

I don’t have all the answers, none of us do but want to share my experience with you and hope it helps! 

Shout out to 

Mama’s we have to stick together and support each other! I recently connected to a fellow mom blogger and BOY mom Lisa Michelle, if you are looking for more great mom content check her out! 

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